Cable Recycling Machines Market Sees a Rapid Growth

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Cable Recycling Machines Market Sees a Rapid Growth

Post  sophie1 on Tue Nov 04, 2014 2:31 am

Dry-type cable recycling machines belong to a more eco-friendly machine. It mainly adopts environmental protection methods to separate, such as air classifiers or air shaker or static. So the advice I will give you is that you had better choose the dry-type copper wire granulator for it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

With the development of our economy, the copper cable recycling machine market sees a rapid growth. Now 1/3 of the copper consumption comes from the recycle of the copper scrap, therefore the recycle and status of the transaction of the copper will produce greater influence on the whole copper market in the future. Meanwhile, as the construction of the circular economy has been continuously getting strengthened, the copper cable recycling machine marker must have better and faster development prospects. Do you want to turn waste into treasure? It sounds a fairy tale in a magic world. But it can really come true with the help of copper cable granulator. As we all know, the value of bright copper wire is 4-5 times that of insulated wire. If we have our own copper cable granulator, we can win extra money than directly selling them to a salvage yard. What’s more, it can separate the copper from plastic totally and completely and the separated copper is bright and smooth with purity up to 99%.This equipment is also featured with low noise, large output, strong innovation, perfect performance and satisfying economic benefit.

Fote have devoted itself to environmental protection for 12 years and adheres to offering quality cable recycling machines for its customers and ensuring its customers get maximum profit in every possible way. Fote has its own professional team in product design, supplying and installation, which satisfies you in timely delivery and good service. At present, it mainly has two kinds of copper cable recycling machines: wire stripping machine and copper cable granulator.

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