Cable Wire Recycling Machine Can Do a Big Favor in Recycling

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Cable Wire Recycling Machine Can Do a Big Favor in Recycling Empty Cable Wire Recycling Machine Can Do a Big Favor in Recycling

Post  sophie1 on Wed Nov 19, 2014 8:35 pm

Economic efficiency and environmental performance have been improved by copper based products of multiple applications across the energy, healthcare, IT, industry, transportation, and building sectors. Copper is widely used in building construction, power generation and transmission, electrical and electronic equipments, aircraft parts, automotive parts, industrial applications and other applications, so there is a much demand for cable wire recycling machine.

Another creative design is standard welded construction. The cable granulator can be easily reconditioned by welding strengthened steel plates to parts affected by wear and tear. If required the housing can be supplied with replaceable manganese plates. The welded and annealed construction of the units is by far superior to cast models, particularly in case of overloading or when foreign matter is fed. At present, dry-type has got greatly improved and many new designs and technologies have been applied to this field including PLC control system. Fote is a professional manufacturer of copper cable granulator and cable wire recycling machine with 12 years of experience. For better recycling copper scrap, copper cable granulator is a necessary equipment. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of copper cable recycling machine, that is, dry-type and wet-type. Of them, wet-type will produce little secondary pollution for it will need water in the producing process. Therefore, if we want to choose copper recycling equipment, we had better purchase dry-type copper cable granulator for it will produce no dust and no environmental pollution in the whole process. Of course, to start a so environmentally friendly business, we need to select a good-quality machine. Metal recycling is a synonym for saving raw materials and environmental protection. Nonferrous metals and precious metals are particularly suitable for recycling. The recycling of copper, sliver, gold and other nonferrous metals does not result in any quality loss of the metals and can be reused as often as required.

As for copper wire recycling, Fote is specialized in manufacturing the waste cable recycling machine, for instance, copper cable granulator and copper recycling machine. Itís not a good way to recycle the waste copper wires or cables by burning it. On the contrary, copper recycling machine can do you a big favor to realize the recycling without pollution.

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