Cable Wire Recycling Machine Can Meet All of Your Needs

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Cable Wire Recycling Machine Can Meet All of Your Needs Empty Cable Wire Recycling Machine Can Meet All of Your Needs

Post  sophie1 on Mon Nov 17, 2014 11:12 pm

The cable wire recycling machine is for stripping copper wire from insulation in order to recycle the copper scrap. It has excellent performances in many aspects. It can realize the complete separation of copper core and insulation. In the whole process, the cable recycling machine does not produce any environment pollution because it depends on mechanical force to separate them without any water and chemical solution taking part in the production process.

Dry-type copper cable granulator belongs to a more eco-friendly machine. It mainly adopts environmental protection methods to separate, such as air classifiers or air shaker or static. So the advice I will give you is that you had better choose the dry-type copper cable granulator for it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. The cable wire recycling machine, a kind of copper recycling machine, is used for crushing copper scrap and later separating copper from the plastic. There are mainly two kinds of copper cable granulators, which are dry-type and wet-type. Wet-type copper cable granulator needs water in producing process, therefore it will cause little environmental pollution; but it is widely used in efficiently recycling miscellaneous wire and plug wire. As we all know, the first thing for us is to study how to operate it after buying a new cable wire recycling machine. So itís better to read and study the instruction manual carefully and make sure that you have paid enough attention to the safety. In order to help you avoid accidents and prolong the life of the equipment, itís necessary for you to operate it in proper way. You should live up to the following rules to make this cable recycling machine work to its best.

Fote is famous for manufacturing advanced and unique copper cable recycling machine like copper cable granulator and cable wire recycling machine, which can meet all of your needs and help you realize your business dream.

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