What are the Main Kinds of Spiral Classifier?

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What are the Main Kinds of Spiral Classifier? Empty What are the Main Kinds of Spiral Classifier?

Post  danny231 on Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:20 am

As we all known that the spiral classifier, which is also known as spiral separator, is widely used in the concentrator with the ball mill matching into a closed cycle shunt mineral sand, or used in the gravity concentrator to grading ore and fine clay, and metal beneficiation process for the pulp particle size classification,dehydration and other operations. So it is important to prolong the lifetime of the spiral separator.The machine is based with channel steel, the body , the steel plate welded together. Screw shaft into the head, shaft head, pig iron, which are wear-resisting durable, In addition, the lifting device are divided into two types. They are electrical and manual.

From the working principle of the spiral classifier, we can do as follows to prolong its lifetime. When the spiral classifier is in the normal operation, you should add the oil per to ensure the main reducer come on time, and often observe the workings of the sorting machine spindle, you should report if the spiral separator has any abnormal phenomenon.

The spiral classifier has many kinds of spiral classifier. The main are high weir type single spiral and double spiral, submerged four single spiral and double spiral classifier. Classifier is by means of the different sizes of solid grain and the different proportion , therefore in the liquid velocity for different principle of fine particles floating in the water in the overflow, coarse particles sink on the bottom of the channel. Conducted by spiral to the upper discharge and mechanical classification of a grading equipment, can grinding mill in the powder level in the filter, and then the coarse material using spiral vane rotary screwing in mill inlet, to filter out the fine material discharge from the overflow pipe.

When spiral classifier sand return slot plug, it is forbidden to climb on the grading machine or other equipment to handle with it. In addition, check the classification operation and lubricating pump whether they are normally or not before driving, spiral classifier spindle rotary vane pumps, without exception, reducer lubrication is not normal, the cyclone was clear. You can operate the spiral separator until you are sure all of them are normal.

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