Choosing Sand Washer Needs Wisdom of Customers

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Choosing Sand Washer Needs Wisdom of Customers

Post  sweety on Fri May 23, 2014 8:01 pm

With the progress of society, sand washer quickly expands its scope of application and booms its development market. However, the too quick development causes some quality problems to the sand washer industry, which has brought consumers a lot of damage. Therefore the requirements of the market to sand washer industry are becoming increasingly strict. However, due to the sand washer industry not having a uniform standard, the various manufacturers just judge based on their experience, so the quality of sand washer is still uneven.

Sand washing machine can be divided into: spiral sand washing machine, bucket sand washing machine, vibrating sand washing machine, roller sand washing machines,etc. Customers don't know what to do when they buy sand washing machine.China Fote Machinery engineers help you solve thses problems. Let's talk about how to choose the sand washing machine:

The first customer should determine that the cleaning materials is stone or sand material or gravel. Bucket sand washing machine is one kind machine that you can wash the stone and wash sand, so it is a widely used sand wash machine. Spiral sand washing machine, vibrating sand washing machine, tumble sand washing machine may only be used for the stone off the mud, and screening operations.

Second, clients of large output, less water and still yield high cleanliness. Vibrating stone washing machine is the large output, less water, while the spiral stone washing machine is the production of small but high cleanliness stone washing machine equipment. Roller the type of stone washing machine is a large output, large quantities of water cleanliness and high stone washing machine equipment.

The last customers should consider price and quality guaranteed, Fote Machinery sand washing machine can be trusted.

The sand washer is an artificial sand washing equipment. It can remove the impurities covered on the surface of sand and gravel, at the same time destroy the vapor layer of the coated sand, in order to efficiently clean and wash the sand.

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