Our Sand Dryer Has Its Own Design and Characteristics

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Our Sand Dryer Has Its Own Design and Characteristics

Post  sophie1 on Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:41 pm

The sand drying machine of long-term operation, tyre and support roller wear make simplified in turn generate axial displacement, so that the sealing device of the failure and damage. For this, according to many years of design and debugging experience, study a does not affect the drying machine to work the case, treatment method of displacement of sand dryer.

The wet materials are conveyed to the hopper through the belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then enter into the feed end through the hopper charger and the feeding pipe in sequence. The inclination of the feeding pipe must be greater than the natural inclination of materials in order to make the materials flow into the sand dryer smoothly. The dryer cylinder is slight inclinable against the horizontal line. The materials enter from the higher end, and the heat carrier enters from the lower ender; the two contact each other from opposite directions, but there are also circumstances that the heat carrier flows into the sand dryer body together with the material. Along with the rotation of cylinder, the materials run to the lower end due to gravity. In the forward movement of wet materials in the dryer body, the wet materials are heated directly or indirectly by the heat carrier to dry the wet materials, and then the materials are discharged from the discharge end through the belt conveyor or screw conveyor. Drying equipment technical and economic indexes depend not only on the sadn dryer machine own reasonable design and normal operation, but also largely with the choice of the source and utilization of closely related. The drying heat source commonly used fuel mainly solid fuel, liquid fuel, gas fuel, heat carrier and electricity. Rotating cylinder drying machine heat sources and heat transfer device in the form of largely determine the drying equipment operation cost and production cost.

Fote Machinery is a factory which is specialized in sand dryer with CE certificate, The sand dryer machine mainly devided into rotary dryer, slag dryer, spray dryer,indirect rotary dryer,three cylinder dryer. Different dryers can dry different raw materials.

lignite rotary dryer: http://www.ftmsino.com/products/lignite-dryer.html

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