Sand Dryer Machine Has the Features of Compact Structure

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Sand Dryer Machine Has the Features of Compact Structure  Empty Sand Dryer Machine Has the Features of Compact Structure

Post  sophie1 on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:20 pm

Fote Machinery will give you sand dryer machine on matters to you a detailed analysis, we hope to be able to understand how to buy the dryer, while the optional dryer factors to consider when some knowledge!

Fly ash dryer is suitale for fly ash,gypsum etc industrial dust and waste slag.The principle is as follows:Fine fly ash or granular fly ash is conveyed to feeding machine by belt conveyor,and then to rotary dryer through feeding machine,fly ash contact with the hot air evenly with the action of lifting plate to achieve the heat transfer. The sand dryer machine has the features of compact instructure,small cover,reliable working,low energy consumption and high drying efficiency. The dried fly ash will be discharged by tripper and conveyed out by bel conveyor. Coal slurry dryer could be used for coal slurry,raw coal, Flotation concentrate, mixing cleaned coal,mineal slag,bentonite,lime stone,sand etc. The attentions should be paid to improve the drying efficiency of fly ash dryer. Fly ash is one of the industrial waste slag. Fote sand dryer machine is special for this kind of slag. Our rotary dryer has the features of workable,low consumption,high efficiency etc.

1.We should check the temperature of the dryer to make sure the inner temperature constant.

2.We should consider the original moisture of the raw material.The the water content is too high,it will impact the drying efficiency

3.Check whether the raw material is evenly distributed.

4.Check the fan and dust remover to make sure they are working in good conditions.

Rotary dryer is one kind of good drying machine for power type or particle type materials, such as coal powder, sawdust, sludge, wood chips, etc. If you need a rotary dryer, please kindly let us know the moisture of your raw mateirals and the capacity you want to dry per hour. We will recommend suitable models to you.

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