The Hot Sale Sand Dryer Has Its Own Unique Characteristics

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The Hot Sale Sand Dryer Has Its Own Unique Characteristics

Post  sophie1 on Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:38 pm

Industrial rotary dryer also can be called rotary drum dryer or rotary drum dryer. It is widely used in food, forage, chemical engineer, medicine, and mine industrials. It adopts the automatic control system. Regulate the time by control panel and the whole drying process will be finished automatic.

Drum dryer of preventive maintenance and divided into many and many steps, whatever the protective measures, to be able to prevent or deal with the small faults of machinery and equipment, to cut or eradicate mechanical equipment failure is fundamentally, first ask operator training on the operation process, the development of a lot of problems and faults are caused by incorrect operation method, maintenance, maintenance and correct operation method has always been machinery industry is the basic requirement of the operation, as a professional sand dryer manufacturers, to make the company attaches great importance to the user's after-sales service, care, users want for each users know cooperation with us, we will provide professional teacher, hold the user the right operation method and related considerations, makes every effort to do economic and practical, the highest ratio of drum dryer equipment. Addition, city garbage of at GE method usually has burning and fill buried, if will city life garbage for burning, due to meals kitchen garbage of water content often up to 90% around, heat for 2100~3100kJ/kg, and other garbage together for burning, not only cannot meet garbage burning power of heat requirements (that 5000kJ/kg above), instead will led burning furnace burning not full and produced II evil British; if will life garbage for fill buried, Also get mixed with food waste high water content and should not be processed. And incineration, landfill can cause a lot of organic waste, kitchen waste a single, harmless treatment and resource utilization is particularly important.

With the history of about several years, Fote has developed a type of sand dryer machine that suits for food, grain and almost all kinds of vegetables, fruits, etc. Because of its advantages of high automatic, large output, easy operation, steady run, once put into the market, it has promoted to be the best selling rotary sand dryer.

quartz sand dryer:

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