The Whole Drying Process of Rotary Dryer Can be Automatic

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The Whole Drying Process of Rotary Dryer Can be Automatic

Post  sophie1 on Thu Nov 13, 2014 7:41 pm

Kitchen waste, commonly known as the slops was formed during the life of the residents of household waste, very perishable, stunk, and the spread of bacteria and viruses. Kitchen waste consist mainly of rice and flour food residues, vegetable, animal and vegetable oils, meat, bones, chemical composition, starch, cellulose, protein, fat and salt. So, the rotary dryer is becoming more and more useful in drying the field of chinken waste.

Relevant preventive maintenance and operation of rotary dryer before we has talked about a lot of, many of them are professional technical knowledge and field case, no matter what a protection method, is to help users to the correct use of rotary dryer equipment, to the maximum play to production efficiency, on the premise of guarantee the quality of sand dryer equipment performance and save operating costs, to obtain more benefits. Kitchen waste refers to homes, schools, offices, canteen and catering trade of food scraps and food remnants, is a major component of municipal solid waste, in 37% the proportion of municipal solid waste in Beijing, Tianjin, 54%, 59%, Shanghai, Shenyang 62%, Shenzhen 57%, 57%, Guangzhou, Jinan 41%. Compared with other garbage, water content, organic matter content, fat content and high salt levels, nutrient-rich features, has a great recycling value. So, the rotary dryer has become a necessity in our daily life.

Fote rotary dryer Advantages:

1. Adopted new combined-type feed and feed device, the center of second material without wind

2. Cleaning, maintenance is convenient

3. High heat efficiency

4. Phenomenon of drying

5. Reliable performance

6. Transmission large and small gear pin can change gear, replaced the traditional gear of cast steel, saving the cost of investment, and also greatly reduces maintenance costs and time.

Industrial rotary dryer also can be called rotary double-drum dryer or rotary drum dryer. It is widely used in food, forage, chemical engineer, medicine, and mine industrials. It adopts the automatic control system. Regulate the time by control panel and the whole drying process will be finished automatic.

rotary drying machine:

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