The Coal Briquetting Machine is in Great Demand

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The Coal Briquetting Machine is in Great Demand Empty The Coal Briquetting Machine is in Great Demand

Post  sophie1 on Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:45 am

The investment of charcoal factory is little cost and high return because of itís economic benefits and social benefits. So, you may are planning to have your own charcoal factory recently. But, I have to tell you that the investment of coal briquetting machine can not be successful with your impulsion. You must investigate overall and have full preparation.

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The whole production line is arranged in the east-west direction, which mainly includes three parts: crushing shop, workshop and final product warehouse. In the case of meeting production requirements, the whole production line should be tidy and concentrated with compact equipment structure. Meanwhile, there should be safe space to ensure equipment maintenance and smooth secure channel. The idea of briquetting is to use materials that are otherwise no usable due to lack of density, compressing them into a solid fuel of convenient shape that can be burned like wood or charcoal. The first briquetting machine plant in Malaysia was fully operational around 1985 and was sited in Klang which is about 30 km from Kuala Lumpur. Subsequently, 5 other companies were set up to manufacture charcoal briquettes for export. An old research in 1995 have showed the condition of charcoal briquette in Malaysia, which can give some reference to you. Coconut shell is an important raw material used to produce charcoal briquette machine. And coconut shell charcoal have wide applications in many fields because of its features and advantages. In Malaysia, coconut is the fourth important industrial crop after oil palm, rubber and paddy in terms of total planted area and it is an important export country of coconut products.

The project of making charcoal briquette with coconut shell in Malaysia can not only protect the environment but also will help you to benefit. On one hand, use the coconut shell to produce charcoal will reduce the hag of the rain forests. On the other hand coconut shell charcoal briquette have a good sold in China, Europe etc. thus, the demand of briquette machine is more and more urgent.

coal briquette machine:

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